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    1. VERIFIED CIRCULATION Gluten Free & More is the only magazine in the gluten-free, allergy-friendly category that verifies its circulation through BPA Worldwide, a 3rd party audit statement recognized by advertising agencies throughout the country.

    2. RELIABLE HISTORY Published for over 20 years, Gluten Free & More is created by trusted editors and expert chefs who "walk the talk." The magazine has a long history of credibility, reliability, integrity and respect.

    3. READERS NEED YOUR PRODUCT 97% of our readers control their diet for gluten/wheat and over 60% have celiac disease.

    4. EXTENSIVE MULTI-MEDIA ACCESS Gluten Free & More offers increased brand exposure over a wide array of media, including magazine and tablet format, digital and sampling extensions through opt-in users, social media, consumer shows, customized programs and more. Studies show that frequency builds awareness and brand recognition.

    5. GLUTEN-FREE & ALLERGY-FRIENDLY We provide delicious gluten-free recipes with easy options for replacing the Big 8 food allergens. Readers can find suggestions for replacement products throughout the magazine.

    6. CREATIVE MARKETING PROGRAMS Our professional sales team will partner with you to deliver top results. Working closely with you, we can personally tailor programs that creatively and successfully meet your specific advertising needs.

    7. OUR ADS WORK We regularly receive letters and comments from delighted readers who discovered new products in our pages and on our website. In a recent survey, over 69% of our readers stated they purchase goods and services they see advertised in Gluten Free & More.

    8. EXPERT CONTRIBUTORS & RESEARCHGluten Free & Moreis the #1 trusted resource in the gluten-free, food-allergic community. Our editors seek
    out and publish only the best verifiable information. Recipes are tested. Food photos are authentic.

    9. VIBRANT & DYNAMIC Gluten Free & More's editors, writers, medical advisors, expert chefs and bloggers are trendsetters with their fingers on the pulse of the gluten-free, food-allergic community. We regularly alert our readers to developing news and keep them informed of the latest information to enhance their safety, health and happiness.

    10. AWARD WINNING Gluten Free & More has been consistently voted the #1 Magazine and Consumer Expo by a variety of allergy-friendly organizations.

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