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Flax4Life Treats - A Back-to-School Must-Have!

Head back to school with Flax4Life and Gluten Free & More Magazine

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Posted by Erica Dermer

Head back to school with Flax4Life and Gluten Free & More Magazine! Flax4Life products are always gluten-free, dairy-free, and certified gluten-free from the GFCO - making them the perfect treats for celiac children and adults alike!

Flax4Life Muffins Banner

Flax4Life has been around in the gluten-free world for a long time (over 15 years!). I still remember the first time I saw their muffins and brownies and had to double check that they were, indeed, celiac safe for me! It was the first time I had ready-to-go muffins and brownies.

Once I discovered their sweets, I realized that they had a plethora of gluten-free products that were all safe, and all delicious. I've recently fallen in love with their toaster buns for sandwiches too. And if you like their chocolate brownie - you will love their toasted coconut flavor too! 

Flax4Life On-The-Go Single Serve Chocolate Brownie Packs

We've partnered with Flax4Life to bring you a great after-school treat recipe that uses their single serve brownies. 

Flax4Life Ice Cream Browniewich Recipe

Flax4Life Brownies
Vanilla Ice Cream of choice (you can also use non-dairy frozen dessert!) 
Step 1: Take two single serve Flax4Life brownies and cut the tops off of each one
Step 2: Place a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor (we used a dairy-free vanilla frozen dessert) on one brownie top
Step 3: Place the second brownie top on the ice cream and give a little squeeze
Step 4: take a spoon and scrape the edges to remove any excess ice cream
Step 5: Place in freezer for about 20 minutes 
Step 6: Enjoy! 
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Flax4Life Chocolate Brownie Browniewich

Back To School with Flax4Life

You can find Flax4Life products near you, in your grocer's refrigerated section on in the bakery! Can't find Flax4Life near you? Request Flax4Life at your grocery store, or purchase online.
Besides these awesome lunch-friendly single serve brownies, they also make single serve muffins that deserve your lunch time cravings! If you love the taste of Flax4Life single serve items, look for their packages of brownies, muffins, and cakes too! 


Flax4Life On-The-Go Single Serve Chocolate Brownie Packs

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I had just finished a Flax4Life brownie and was wondering how they make them. They are the richest most delicious brownies, bar none. I opened the page hoping to see a recipe, but drat, they are not giving it up. I can't blame them. I don't know how they taste so chocolaty when chocolate is the last ingredient, before vanilla.

Posted by: Electraglide | September 17, 2018 1:17 PM    Report this comment

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