Going Gluten Free

A Delicious Gluten-Free Food Truck in Connecticut

Posted by Oksana Charla on August 28, 2018

In the past there wasn’t much gluten-free food available, aside from maybe an Italian ice or kettle corn, so we set out to get either of these. Then my husband saw it: a chalkboard sign that read “The Celiac Epicurean”, local, farm fresh, 100% gluten-free.

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Gluten-Free Food Festivals: Why Should You Go?

Posted by Oksana Charla on August 24, 2018

OK, so our house has held at least one celiac/100% gluten-free person for over 12 years now and we still go to gluten-free festivals. Why do we do it? That’s easy. Gluten-free food is darn expensive; some of it is fantastic-tasting, but let’s face it - a lot of it is still not very good. So if you are like me, and I suspect a lot of you are, you find a brand of something, say pizza, that you like and you stick with it …for years. It’s good, so why risk wasting your money on trying something else that is quite possibly subpar? You are content…or at least you’ve accepted your lot in life.

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American Health Ester-C® Giveaway: Oct/Nov 2018

Posted by Erica Dermer on August 24, 2018

Our sponsor, American Health is giving away Ester-C® to FIVE lucky Gluten Free & More readers! Will you be one of the lucky 5? Read more about American Health and enter to win below!

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Gluten Free Festivals Are Good for the Soul

Posted by Alicia Woodward on August 22, 2018

The Richmond Fest itself was full of excitement and delicious products. I staffed GF&M’s booth, which is always a lot of fun. This gives me the opportunity to talk with people and hear from readers and others about their concerns. Everyone is always open to sharing their stories—why they’re gluten-free, how they were finally diagnosed, their list of symptoms, how they’re managing, how they’re feeling better (or not so much).

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Your Gluten-Free Back to School Guide 2018

Posted by Erica Dermer on August 20, 2018

Gluten Free and Heading Back to School? We have some great gluten-free products that will make your transition back to school easier - as a child and a parent with celiac disease or gluten free living.

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Back to School Twitter Party 2018 #GFAMBTS

Posted by Erica Dermer on August 18, 2018

Gluten Free & More magazine is hosting a gluten-free BACK TO SCHOOL Twitter Party. Join us on Twitter on Tuesday August 21st at 5pm PT/8pm ET, as we chat about going back-to-school as a gluten-free child! We've also got some great tips for parents, and adults packing a work lunch too!

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Is That Gluten On My Plate?

Posted by Beth Hillson on August 16, 2018

When we got there, the sun was setting. A lovely breeze floated in off the hills. Servers were passing hors d’oeuvres and I eagerly told the first person who waved a tray of canapes in my direction that I was gluten free. “Sorry,” he said, and pulled the plate away from me. I was crestfallen but determined to get something to eat. When the second server thrust a platter in front of me, I explained cheerfully, “I need to be gluten free.” I was certain this was a magic word that would send him scurrying to the outdoor kitchen to get the appetizers that were safe for me. Instead, he pulled the plate away saying, “well, these aren’t for you.”

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What's Your Favorite Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Mix?

What's Your Favorite Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Mix? Help our editors find the BEST gluten-free sugar cookie mixes across the USA!

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Gluten-Free Labeling in Argentina

Posted by Eve Becker on August 15, 2018

In Argentina, gluten-free is referred to in a few different ways. Packaged foods will bear the label “sin T.A.C.C.,” which stands for “sin trigo, avena, centeno y cebada,” or “without wheat, oats, rye and barley.” The logo, a bold crossed-out wheat image with the words “sin T.A.C.C.,” is prominent on a lot of packaged foods from dulce de leche (delectable caramel sauce) to sugar packets.

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Heading on a Gluten-Free Hiking Trip

Posted by Eve Becker on August 14, 2018

This summer, a different challenge awaited us. For 14-year-olds, her camp offers an overnight camping trip. But this is no simple overnight camping trip, it involves five weeks of traveling from Wisconsin to the Pacific Northwest and back. They’re traveling by bus for five weeks, hiking each day, sleeping in tents at campsites in national parks and making their own food.

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