Editor's NoteAugust/September 2017 Issue

A Love Affair

alicia woodward

Alicia Woodward

Any way you slice it, the world of gluten-free packaged food is better and broader today than ever before, especially when it comes to bread. We confess that we have a love affair with bread and we know that you do, too. Given our intense feelings (too often unrequited!), we wanted to determine exactly how commercial gluten-free breads stack up. So we gathered up every variety of gluten-free sandwich loaf that we could get our hands on and taste-tested each one.

This happy project was overseen by our managing editor Erica Dermer, a self-described bread enthusiast, assisted by others on the GF&M team and their families. Our reviewers bit off a lot—tasting, toasting, munching, chewing, savoring and swallowing hundreds of slices. You’ll find our comprehensive review of gluten-free packaged breads—and which ones won us over—by beginning on our Best Gluten-Free Sliced Bread page.

As summer deepens, rely on our food articles to satisfy your hot weather appetite. In these pages, you’ll find recipes for delicious outdoor dining, wonderful salads and main dishes made with harvest-fresh produce and indulgent frozen desserts that will refresh and delight. And don’t miss our great recipes for your back-to-school needs—easy muffins, guilt-free crackers and classic snack cakes are ideal for lunch boxes.

This issue’s health section includes coverage of the latest research reported at Digestive Disease Week, held in Chicago. As part of our coverage, GF&M associate editor Eve Becker dug deep into the exciting new research on the AN-PEP enzyme and its potential to protect gluten-sensitive people from cross-contamination. Eve also conducted a live interview with well-known celiac expert Dr. Peter Green, Director of The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, which is now posted on GF&M’s Facebook page.

Let’s circle back to bread. Honestly, many of us have been a little bread starved over the years. But no more. With over 75 varieties of gluten-free packaged breads on the market and growing availability across the country, a palatable loaf is as close as your supermarket or online store.

Alicia Woodward

P.S. Stay tuned for our next big product review. Next issue, we tackle gluten-free pasta!

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