Editor's NoteAug/Sep 2016 Issue

Gluten-Free Food Safety Zone

Alicia Woodward

Alicia Woodward

One of my friends is involved in a project to facilitate talking with and listening to one’s adversaries. Opening up a dialogue is the beginning of understanding and that can lead to a safer world, he says. Another friend is worried about the November elections. Who knows what kind of unsafe place we’ll be in, she says. News reports of mass shootings, terrorist activities and lead in the water do little to reassure us that the world is safe.

Most people worry about safety but for those of us with food issues, safety concerns are amplified. What most Americans take for granted (the ability to dig in and gobble food down without question) is a luxury we don’t have. So we navigate our gluten-free meals and our lives carefully.

The driving impetus behind this magazine is to make your life easier, healthier, tastier—and safer. Take a look at “Gluten-Free Safe in School;” we help you craft a 504 plan to keep your kiddos safe in the classroom. In “Fun, Food & Frolic,” we help you get out there to have fun and boogie safely. In “Feelin’ Good,” we alert you to a new program that tackles the dangers of depressed mood, a common complaint for those with food issues. In “Chronic Inflammation,” we equip you with tools to help your body fight debilitating inflammation. In “Building Refuge,” we share the story of how one family constructs a diet and a new home to provide safety for their son. In addition, this issue of the magazine is packed with easy and super-delicious recipes that meet your dietary needs, created with your good health and safety in mind.

I remember how careful I was after I broke my leg a few years back during a hiking accident. Afraid of falling again, I walked through the woods with heightened awareness, alert to every ditch and fallen branch. Even today, I use a walking stick whenever I hike, just in case.

Let us be a walking stick for you. We can’t control what happens in the world, of course, but we can help you safely navigate your corner of it.

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