Editor's NoteApr/May 2017 Issue

Diet Does It

Alicia Woodward

Like many people across America, I was glued to my television the night the New England Patriots scored their dramatic and historic win over the Atlanta Falcons. It wasn’t because I am a football fan. (Far from it.) It was because of quarterback Tom Brady’s diet.

According to his private chef, Brady eats a 100 percent gluten-free diet that’s organic and mostly plant-based with a primary focus on anti-inflammatory foods. Brady, age 39, arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history, publicly credits the diet for his amazing longevity and prowess on the football field.

No matter which team you supported, I say bravo to Tom Brady for giving added respectability to healthy eating. He publicly pointed out the importance of eating well and promoted diet’s link to optimal health and maximum performance.

Two of Brady’s overarching dietary themes—eat more vegetables and watch out for inflammation—are featured in this issue. Check out our flavorful ways to enjoy kale (“Green Giant,”) and salads (“Roasted Salads,”). And don’t miss the recipes for super-nutritious, super-delicious meals (“Grain-Free Spring Dinners,”). These quick, easy-to-make dishes, created with your busy lifestyle in mind, are packed with vegetables.

We also bring you practical advice from well-known nutritional expert Dr. Andrew Weil. (“Dr. Weil’s Tips for Anti-Inflammatory Eating,”). HIs six steps to reduce harmful inflammation are particularly important for those with celiac disease and other autoimmune conditions.

Everyone in the gluten-free, food-allergic community knows from hard-won personal experience that diet directly impacts health. We also know that diet can affect mood, cognition, energy levels, athletic ability, academic performance, behaviors—the list goes on and on. In addition, we know how critical it is to watch what we consume. We live these truths every day.

So my takeaway from Brady’s phenomenal success is this: Winners pay attention to what they eat. This isn’t news to us. It just puts Tom Brady in good company.

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